This is what happened – On November 11,2015 the tow truck took my truck to Rudolph Chevrolet which they diagnostic my truck with a non working cam and lifters. My truck is well maintained with 107k miles. I did my research and I realized there are many cases identical or similar to my situation. The dealership quote $4K repair (parts and labor). I placed a complain at GM customer service and they contacted the dealership and both decided they will help with $950 which doesn't look fair to me specially when I know there are other GM customers facing a similar case.

Today 11/16/15 I called GM customer service and spoke to a unprofessional representative named Alicia. She denied to transfer me a supervisor stating the supervisor was not available since she was at lunch time. After arguing for another 8 minutes she place me on hold for over 10 minutes until the supervisor answered. Supervisor said there was nothing else to do. I asked her if there was somebody else I could talk to and she said NO, I asked her if there was another department I could place a complain, and she said NO. Supervisor said since my warranty expired there was nothing else she could do. I'm only asking for help, I bought my truck in good faith and I'm only asking to GM to provide help to a loyal customer.

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