Bought a Gigabyte GTX 980 (GV-N980G1 GAMING-4GD) video card in May 2015 – came with a $20 rebate. Submitted the necessary paperwork including copy of the receipt from NCIX by end of May and received notification shortly there after that it was received and that receiving the rebate would take the usual 6-8 weeks. I received a few emails from them confirming this and it looked like everything was fine. So I started waiting. After the 8 weeks was up and no rebate received, I logged into the online rebate center to check the status. Behold a "DECLINED" status due to ineligible receipt (the photocopied and then printed version was hard to read apparently). I proceeded to contact the rebate center to find out how to submit a new copy of the receipt, but was then told that it was beyond their 30-day period of accepting the rebate request and there was nothing they could do for me. Yet I never received the one single email notification they say they sent out to advise me that it was declined.
I asked to speak to a supervisor, but was told there isn't one to speak of because this is my fault for not logging into their system on a daily basis during the 8 week waiting period to check the status. They told me to contact Gigabyte to file a complaint, because they are only the rebate processing center, and processed the rebate in accordance with their terms and conditions. After that the rep on the phone went into the usual broken record repetition process of reading her KB article of dealing with an upset customer: "Sir, I understand you're upset and frustrated. If only you had logged in to check the status…"

There are so many problems with this:
1) You should be able to submit your rebate online, rather than having to print it all out and deal with quality issues of printing out copies of receipts.
2) they should be contacting their customers in more ways than attempting to send one single email out – so many things can go wrong with email – server issues that fail to deliver, junk mail capture, or even human error of accidentally deleting an email before reading it. They should be placing a phone call and sending multiple emails. Maybe even sending out a response letter.
2) The 30 day limit is far too short to purchase the product, submit the paperwork (via snail mail), get a response back if there's an issue, and then resubmit the paper work.

Overall this crappy rebate handling process of Gigabyte is enough to make me look at other manufactures the past I've always bought EVGA products and their rebate and warranty process is great. I'm sorry I spent my money with a crappy company like Gigabyte – NEVER AGAIN and I warn you all to stay away too!

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