My husband and I went into the Killeen, TX location in order to take maternity photos. My husband has been deployed for the majority of my pregnancy. We were able to find some time when he had leave to get portraits done. The session didn't go super well, and later that evening the owner of that location, Crystal, called me and said she wanted us to come back in and have a reshoot on her with free pictures. I was hesitant because the next day was his last day stateside before he went back to deployment, and I didn't want to waste hours there when we could be spending time together doing other things. She promised it would be quick, and it was. They took a few pictures and told me they would email the proofs since he was going back overseas and I was going home. It took over three weeks, and when I finally did get an email, it was an image taken from a cell phone. They sent me "proofs" they took of their computer with a cell phone and thought this was professional. I can't even tell which ones I might like, because, again, it's a cell quality image of 10 pictures.

I finally decided to reach out to corporate via social media and that's when I got a response. Crystal, the owner, told me her staff just wasn't good with technology and that's why they sent me a cell phone picture. She eventually sent me more screenshots of my pictures. She claimed that she doesn't know how to put a watermark on her pictures and that's why they rely on screenshots.

Then she called me the day after I gave birth to berate me for going to social media in the first place instead of calling her. I did call her several times, and I emailed them several times and never heard anything! Meanwhile, I still don't have any actual proofs I can look at, so I've never gotten any pictures. I wasted a few precious days I had with my husband for absolutely no reason. The whole situation makes me livid, especially the fact that she would call me right after I'd given birth to yell at me about reporting her to corporate and on social media.

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