Glenn Connelly the professional conman behind MANY scams run from Mick Featherstones office is at it again.
The Lying coward is setting up websites telling everyone he is an entrepreneur and a well known businessman – the truth is he is a well known criminal conman.
Connelly is worst than a paedophile – he would take money from anyone by fraud – the man has no moral compass – a liar, a conman, a thief and a convicted fraudster.
Do not get conned by this ANIMAL (he is not a human) – he has one object in life – to steal money by fraud.
iStaunch is his latest scam – you have been warned.
Do your research – this guy is a complete disgrace – a coward who steals money then runs and hides. he sets up other people to take the fall – Has stolen from dying patients – this man is the absolute pits.
Coward, Liar, Conman, thief – convicted fraudster – deals with all the scum of the Gold Coast – featherstone, Keong, Cropper, Pickering, Burch, McDonald, Tripp – the list goes on and on.
The world will be a much better place when this man DIES – he is a disease, a scab, a pariah.
Sure his family is very proud of his crimes.
Give all the money back you low life thieving coward.

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