I filed a complaint with FCC and so should you! I called to ask how much they are charging per call and why. They said 3.45 flat rate. 45 per minute based on my location to the facility. I compared and they only charged 2.09 for 22 min. To the inmates mother's account. My charge was 13.15 for 22 min. We live one block away. Her number is area code (240) mine is (410) the call comes from (301) both are cell phones. GTL is a cellular company in MUMBAI said the call to me was more because it was in the Washington Zone. I said, "No it is not Washington DC. It is Prince George's County. They did nothing to correct this. I asked to speak to a manager. He did nothing. I asked for the corporate number, George, the manager, said there wasn't one. He gave me a PO Box 2827 in Mobile, AL 36652.

I live in the Washington DC metro area and 15 miles from the facility I am calling. I called Verizon. Nancy at Verizon said cell phones do not accept collect calls. You must set it up with another carrier. She also said that it was an in-state call, not long distance. I read that you are addressing this problem with caps. "These reforms set an interim cap of 21 cents per minute on interstate debit and prepaid calls, "

Global Tel*Link is a dishonest and unforgiving company. They are taking advantage of people in a trapped situation. They are profiting from the meek. I want a refund of the overcharges sent back to the inmates credit card. This company is worth investigating. I have found hundreds of complaints made this year. Any Local/State/National Governments doing business with these Corporate Pirates should be investigated as well. Any Politicians receiving campaign donations should be investigated. This is one of the lowest forms of fraud made legal by a system that punishes its citizens with caging practices. Where's the change?

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