GoDaddy has an old product – Quick shopping cart. We happened to still be on that plan with our e-commerce store. We needed to change one image in the store and knowing it's an old product we called to ask the support if it is ok to do so. We were told by representatives – yes, no problem, go right ahead, everything is going to be great. The moment an image was changed the store crushed. On top of it one of the reps tried to change the theme, at that point there was no return. The store is now totally broken. Go Daddy is not taking any responsibility for the total mishandle of this case and wrong information provided to us.

Bottom line: Wrong advise by representatives. The store is totally broken. Nobody (spoke with number of supervisors) on behalf of Godaddy is willing to take responsibility, provide tech support, developer's support and help with recreating what is the end, supervisor was trying to tell me that the store is not broken because there are some links you can click on. And that it is unfortunate but everything is my responsibility. I am shocked and left speechless from this experience.

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