I tried to place an order with this company. I gave them my credit card # over phone. Three weeks later I hadn't hear anything or received the order, so I called. They told me that my address on the card did not match the address I gave them. I verified the # and address. They had it right. I have had this card for many years and had ordered many times with other companies, and never had a problem. They told me to contact my bank so I did. They thought it would be best to get a new card so I did. A month later I called and tried again. This time I saw the money deducted from my account. Great, not so, they debit my account two days later. So I called, they told me again that the card doesn't match the address that I gave them. I'm a 80 year old lady who has lived at the same address for over 10 years and use my credit card at least once a week on mail order catalogs. I don't know what's up with this company but I'm done.

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