Promising initial response then REFUSED to respond to multiple attempts to communicate. EXTREMELY unprofessional and unreliable.

We had a broken fridge icemaker, and I wasn't happy with the first company's assessment that the only fix was a complete replacement. Wanted a second opinion. Called GOFAR. Got a voicemail (usually a bad sign), but the outgoing message indicated they take text inquiries. Would've preferred a real person, but I was game, especially if it helped them respond more effectively.

They quickly responded, and came to check out the fridge on our first preferred date. GOOD. They made it to the house on time. BETTER. They assessed that it probably didn't need a complete replacement, just a new fan. EVEN BETTER NEWS. Moreover, they said that it might not even be the fan…it could just be that the temperature settings got messed up. They suggested that before we pay them for even the fan repair, we should drop the temperature a couple degrees and wait a couple of days to see if that fixed it. If not, then they could do the fan replacement. WOW. A company suggesting a possibly no-cost repair when they could easily sell me a replacement part and be done with it? That does happen, but not often.

Two days of reduced temp setting pass, and still no joy. So I reach back out to GOFAR to schedule the fan replacement. That's when I stopped being impressed and by degrees, became disappointed and frankly perturbed. I used what seemed to be their preferred method (text). No response once, no response twice. I tried leaving voicemails. I tried emails. Nothing and nothing. I allowed 10 days to pass from that first "go ahead and replace the fan" text because I got busy, but also because I really wanted to use GOFAR. They were close to our house plus we had been so impressed with the initial response. Finally I sent a mildly blunt text of "Should we take our business elsewhere? ", but not even that got their attention.

I can't think of many good reasons why ANY company would want to turn away paying business. But if there really was such a reason, I would have hoped that the company would have at least answered the phone or email for long enough to say "I'm sorry but we are not going to be able to help you after all."

But that never happened. Not to be rude about it, but in my head I kept saying to myself: "I'm not dealing with Go FAR Services…I'm dealing with Go F__ yourself Services." Again, I don't write that previous sentiment to be rude, it was just a crystallization of my frustration at the time.

I simply don't understand a business that can't be bothered to at least reply to good faith efforts to communicate.

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