I was in your store in Morristown Tennessee there was something there without your price on it but the negligence of your employees left $0.10 price tag on a serving platter when I went to check out they tried to charge me $0.54 for something that had $0.10 on it they said it was not your price but they did not take it off so evidently the people that gave it to you thought it was not worth over $0.10 because they could not sell it I am upset with the African American girl that works here in your store I work at a thrift store here in Morristown if we left price tag on it the manager would let the people have it when they checked out for that price but old boy did we get told off and threaten if they can do it at City of Hope then you can do it at Goodwill Industries if one can be honest about it so can another besides all this stuff is given to the thrift stores they are not paying anything for them yes you do have rant and electric expenses but ripping people off is not worth it because not being honest will cause you to lose business in the long run I know it's causing you to lose mind thank you very much

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