My name is Todd Busdeker I was at one of your goodwill today about 2pm in Newark Ohio. I went in looking for a baby changing table lucky enough I found one. The table was marked $5.99 it was older & had some damage but was worth the price. I took it up to the register & the cashier called for a manager, the cashier said she had to make sure the price was right which I thought was weird. The manger walked up & said No the price has been switched its $10. I questioned it & asked why? He said there's no way someone switched price & made me fell like he was accusing me. I believe $10 would of been fare but the way he accused me was rude. I'm a supervisor for the local Home Depot not a thief, my wife is a deputy sheriff for are county. Where good people expecting are first baby & I'll never shop at a goodwill again because of this person. I'll let ever customer I know about the customer service i experienced at your store.

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