I go to Goodwill a LOT!!! I like to support the store and I also find good deals. Today, 11/17/15 was yellow 50% off day at your store on Thunderbird and 40th street in Phoenix, AZ. NO WHERE does it say that seasonal items are not part of the 50% off but I asked the lady at the cash register and when she said NO I said that I didn't want the seasonal items. She rang up my clothes. I thought the total seemed high but there was a long line and I didn't have my glasses on so I paid and scooted over right next to the register. I got out my glasses and looked at the receipt to find that I had been charged full price for a shirt that had a yellow 50% off tag, but was considered a "Seasonal" shirt.

I turned around got back in line and said I wanted to return it as I did NOT want any of the seasonal item, the girl said seasonal items are not refundable. I asked to talk to a manager, and he very loudly and RUDELY told me that seasonal items are not refundable. I TRIED to explain to him that I did not even leave the store. I had just purchased this about ONE minute ago and nowhere was I told a shirt with a YELLOW tab wouldn't be 50% off. This really is fraud in its truest form. You had RUDE management and the fact that he wouldn't return my money was absolutely absurd!!! He did finally give me store credit, but I am so upset all the donations that I give and the shopping that I do I may just move to another company. Very very upset and disappointed!!!

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