I purchase hundreds of items per year on this site. As a 20 year eBay veteran I can see shill bidding from a mile away and it runs rampant in Goodwill. The managers of the locations have sales quotas just like any other sales organization. The CEO makes millions, how do you think they are paid. This online bidding site takes in 10's of millions per year is sales from their auctions. On top of many shill bids documented, you have people that have NO business describing items you bid on. I have received so many broken items in the field I purchase in that were described as "in good working condition", only to arrive not usable. Here is the kicker. NO REFUNDS!!! Even if they give you a refund, they keep their shipping and " Handling" charge. It's criminal.

Shipping. They also makes huge amounts of money on shipping. They use the absolute cheapest way for them to ship, charge you a ridiculous amount, and keep the profits. I know shipping costs as I use ALL providers for my store. Example: What should have cost $11.67 from Ontario California, cost $19.55, on top of the $5.00 handling charge. That's $11 and some change profit on top of the "Donation" the buyer made. I only give to and tell my fiends to only give to, Salvation Army. They are not fraudulent.

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