Purchased (4) Wrangler SR-A for Dodge Ram 1500 November 2014 and within the first two weeks or so the truck started shimmying so bad and everything inside the truck you could see vibrating. I took it back to dealer and they re-balanced but I was told they had to put 300 lbs of pressure back into the tires because the tire itself was rotating on the rim.

I still have vibration and the squalling of the front tires when making left and right hands turns is incredible. When they installed the tires new, I noticed that along the radius edges on the outside of tires that there is rubber flaps and I have the pictures to prove my point. On wet pavement, I can't keep the back end from spinning out and sliding sideways as well. When I stop on dry leaves such as my driveway and put very little pressure on the gas pedal, the rear tires spin out. These tires are dangerous in my opinion and now I have to spend the money for new tires that shouldn't have to be.

These tires in my opinion are defective and were from the beginning but we all know when dealing with dealer who installed them, they are never going to have the interest of the consumer at heart and the possible detriment of something terrible happening with the tires which certainly at some point could cause a great mishap. I have used this dealer for many years for all my vehicles and my children's as well and nothing wrong with them but I will never purchase Goodyear product anymore! I have my tires rotated every 6000 miles by this dealer and they know how I take care of my vehicles so it is not an issue of maintenance by any means.

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