Nov. 11,2015, I went to Great Clips (Elk River) to get my Veterans Day haircut. I was turned down because I did not have a DD-214 service papers or a military ID. I am a veteran of the Vietnam era and I do not have a military ID and my discharge papers are in a safe deposit box. I carry my American Legion membership card as proof that I am a veteran. You have to be a veteran to be a member of the American Legion. They would not accept my Legion card. I was told that people had taken advantage of the offer that were not veterans in the past. I have used this card as proof at other businesses that offer services to veterans and I have never had an issue. It is accepted as proof that you are a veteran and they ask for your driver's license for proof that you are who you say you are. Why doesn't Great Clips recognize the Legion card as proof?

On top of this I am a regular customer with Great Clips in Elk River. As a veteran I felt very disrespected. I could prove I was a veteran, just not with the paperwork they were asking me to produce. If you are going to make rules you might want to understand the various ways of veteran ID. This, along with the fact that I am a regular customer, was very disappointing.

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