On 11/6/2015 I called Great Lakes Higher Education customer service in order to inform them of my in-school status. The customer service representative persistently pressured me to accept a forbearance on my loan to which I consistently said no. She asked me about four times during the duration of the conversation. I explained that my in-school deferment form is in the mail to them. Therefore since this is an administrative problem, I do not want to accept the forbearance. After getting off the phone with Great Lakes, I called American Student Assistance and informed them of this conversation and also to confirm that a forbearance should only be accepted by me when I cannot make a payment. The problem is that Great Lakes applied this forbearance against my will.

I received an email today (11/7/2015) stating that the forbearance is accepted and applied to my account and that the amount of loan interest that is now added to my principal balance. This is completely wrong! Great Lakes is not allowed to do the opposite of what the loan borrower approves. I did not approve a forbearance. And not only did I have to withstand the pressure of this customer service representative but am now distressed by their actions.

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