I had a bad automobile accident in March. I had some mobility problems and I took a nasty fall in the driveway. 17 people drove by on bicycles or cars before the 18th group stopped to help me get up. That doesn’t sound right in a busy residential area, but that’s true. I got a GreatCall Splash device and I wear it everyday. When I walk the dog using my walker, I feel more comfortable in the dark because I know that I could alarm anybody at 9:00 o’clock at night. It gives me peace of mind. I have to charge it about every third day though. It sounds like a telephone when it goes “tee-too-tee-too.” I keep turning off the cellphone and I don’t realize it’s the GreatCall Splash device telling me that it needs to go back on the charger. However, I wouldn’t recommend it because the cost is not good, it is too expensive.

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