For over five days I've been lied to about money stolen by Green Dot on a $59.44, $45.00, $55.00 denied order. They then erased the orders and lie about the money coming back. They are rude. Don't know how to do more than repeat the same statements over and over 'til they hang up or say now corp. Is available. I'm losing home and my life is shot because they can't do more than act like uneducated thieves. They won't do their job. They act like it's their money and hide the evidence, but if you have any problems, do screenshots of the page each time.

I'm never stopping even if I have to go in person to the office. Anyone having similar problems, join me in the fight. My number is. We as customers trusting our money in them are being stolen from by people not of this country. Fight for our rights, no one else will. I don't support the lies and people that live off us and our hard-earned money we work for.

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