I am disabled. On the third of this month I bought a Green Dot gold debit card and had them load $50.00 from the Dollar General on May Avenue. I was told that I had to wait thirty minutes after. I waited and did what I was told to do. Then after the second day, I began to worry because both eBay and Amazon.com declined what I wanted to order off the internet. I am highly upset about this. I could have used that money for a decent pair of shoes. The last time I used one of those I didn't have as much trouble with them and I also was able to get what I wanted from the internet.

Now my distrust of this company has grown and they are falsely advertising that they are friendly. They are also advertising that when you call, to activate your card, you have won a $100.00 gift card you can use anywhere. But you have to pay for the shipping costs of the card at $6.00 a card. And that's before they try and activate your card. And when you try and activate your card finally, they hang up on you, right before it's activated.

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