I have a personalized card from Green Dot, that I've used 3 years w/o any incidents. I load funds at Cumb. Farms each month to pay health insurance premium from Health Care Market Place. On Nov. 3,2015, I put $35.00 on this card by swiping it at register and paying the cashier. Receipts (*3) in hand, I proceeded to call Anthem B/C-B/S & my payment of $12.09 – DECLINED. I went back to the store, called Green Dot & was told it was a "technical-issue internally" & would resolve itself overnight. With a promise my funds would be avail. By 8 am the following day.

I asked, "How come this store I bought from hasn't had any other issues, or incidents like mine today?" MYA the rep. For Green Dot said, "I assure you if you were to add funds again right now – you will have no further issue, for it will appear on the card, in approx. 10 mins." I was so panicked about my policy being cancelled, and having used my grace period already. I STUPIDLY did add another $35.00 (Plus $4.95 load-fee – Guess what happened next…?)

That's right! NOTHING… No money loaded just as the earlier purchased load of $35.00. It's now Thursday, Nov. 06,2015. @ 7:49pm. I was advised to E-Mail all my receipts immediately which I did right at the store I purchased them in… For them (Green Dot) to trace the error of $70.00 plus fee to load just evaporates into the air. I've called the BBB and Govt Fraud Protection Agency. They are now involved and also hounding this company along side myself. Tomorrow, I'm bringing my purchase receipt to the Cumb. Farms that is peddling these crooks' merchandise – and collecting funds after failure to deliver services they allow to be placed as viable-products to be sold to their trusting consumer which basically condones theft as contracted agents actively featuring and advertising false claims on their behalf.instant funds added?

In the meantime, my policy was cancelled for non-payment, because Green Dot's complete and sole failure to deliver to their consumer, (ME) and then lying about availability instead of directing their merchant to refund my cash immediately… I'm not waiting for them to lead me thru more happy bull crap of investigations…"Give us 2 days"… Etc. They have all the orig. Copies of my receipts… As e-mailed immediately. Wouldn't it be safe to say upon receipt and looking at them vs. The fact no money posted on a card that is and has been in use prior to this dilemma – would be sufficient in someone in management making a sound informed-decision likely would say, "Post the damn money on that card ASAP?!"… Obviously, there's more than meets the eye here.

As advised by the Authority of investigations of consumer abuse I spoke with – I'm entitled to my cash back at point of sale of the product where the purchase originated as long as proof of non delivery of services sold as representative of that corporation and their faulty-product… With a sales receipt from their establishment. Proper & proven confirmation of this occurrence in their establishment; with a valid state sales licensure; as long as it's within their allotted stated return policy time limit. Which in this case – "it definitely is." I'm so angry for their failure and not being competent enough to correct it. Good thing they're FDIC insured or are they just? Stay away from Green Dot.

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