I have been using this card for 3 years now to receive my direct deposit. I am supposedly a V. I. P. Member. I called customer service several times to dispute a 45$ charge. I was told that the charge would be looked into and a resolution would be made within 10 days. 13 days later I called regarding the resolution and I was told that they never started a claim. So I was again told that 10 days from then I would have a resolution. I am paid once monthly and the day I was paid my 4 children and myself went on vacation to Disneyland. Worst vacation in the world. The day after we arrived to Disneyland we all went to eat and I paid with my Green Dot card and it was declined. I asked the server to please retry the card, he returned with bad news. I used all of the cash I had and paid our bill.

I called Green Dot customer service and was told that my card was compromised and I would have to wait 3 to 5 business days for a new card. Today is November 11th and my card was cancelled and supposedly sent on October 26th. I still have not received it and we slept in the rental van and had to return the following day. I have called on 12 separate occasions regarding this and I've been hung up on. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative I spoke with asked me why. I asked "please may I speak to a supervisor", she kept asking why did I want to speak with a supervisor and told me if I wanted to speak with someone else I would have to call back and then hung up the telephone. The customer service is terrible and I am very displeased. I will never recommend this card to anyone!

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