On 11/11/15, I purchased a $500 Green Dot Prepaid Card for online purchasing. I was reluctant to register online because it ask for my social security number. But I felt it was safe, since the card was sold at major retail stores like Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target and Walmart. However, two days later after registering the card, I tried making a purchase online only to have it declined. Now my username and password are wrong, and when I try to recover them, Green Dot says my information doesn't match up in their system?

I can recover from the $500 lost, but I am really worried about my personal information I entered on Green Dot's website. I feel I may have opened myself up to the biggest identity theft of the century! Green Dot requests your personal information, but have no tech-support or call center where you can talk to a real person about your locked account or stolen money. Why hasn't our government shut this fraudulent bank/company down yet? Why is Walmart, Walgreen, Target and Rite Aid still promoting Green Dot cards when Green Dot has thousands of consumer complaints for robbery and theft? I am going to register with IdentiLock and suggest you do the same if you registered a Green Dot card online!

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