On November 9,2015 I purchased a Visa Prepaid Card (Green Dot). After carefully reviewing the packaging, it seemed like an easy process. WRONG! When you get it home you have to call an 877 number to activate it. (Purchasing it at the store and them scanning it like a store gift card is too easy.) Once you get it home and open the package, you pull out a bible sized disclosure statement.in the disclosure statement, it states "if your identity can't be verified, you will be limited to using the temporary card." This is the card that was in the package. Once you call the 877 number, you are asked to give your name, social security number, telephone number and home address. This is (as they say) used to identify you. AND to send you your "personal" card. If you refuse to provide it, they will not activate your card.

When I asked the source of how they verify your identity, the rep would not disclose it. I told them I was not authorizing them to access my credit report for any reason. The rep said that it would not affect my score. BE CAREFUL! This is their attempt to get you into a credit card or personal account. I have contacted an attorney already because they sold me this card under false pretenses and failed to disclose at time of purchase there was additional obligation to activate the card by providing all your personal information. I demanded an immediate refund. Be careful, it's a scam!!

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