On August 31,2015 I went on greenfieldpuppies.com and found a all white 13 week bichon frise for sale in East Earl, Pa. I called and discuss the health status which I was told they were very healthy and there after we negotiated a price with the Keefee. Two weeks ago my puppy who we decided to name Chase began having labored breathing. I immediately took him to the vet which conducted XRay which showed blockages in his lungs. The next day I took him to another well known vet hospital. Once again X-Ray showed something pushing up on his lungs which is blocking air from completely getting through. I was told this is congenital and without surgery my puppy will die.

I have requested all documentations test, blood work, diagnosis and X-rays which in three days totaled close to $800 from both vets and made a call to the sellers which in their sales agreement clause I have 90 days from the date of purchase to get a full refund or another puppy. I have made two attempts to contact them leaving messages on their voicemail and to no avail my phone calls have not been returned. Can anyone else who may have had a similar situation please help me. The 90 days are up the end of this month.

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