I had the rudest bus driver on 11/5/15 coming out off Baltimore at 5:15. First I want to start he sat out there for 45 minutes not getting of the bust to receive it's until 5:30. I'm first in line with my mom and my grandson. My mom shows ticket when comes to me ask my grandson age I say 2. He looks through his papers doesn't find what he's looking for, goes to bus. 30 people in line with us the whole time we are waiting to see what's the problem. He shoves a paper in my face and says reads this. The paper states 2-11 pay with gurdian up to 2 can ride for free. Ok! I'm like what you could've said something instead of having a attitude and just pushing a paper in my face. Thais man was so rude I lost my cool I said sh. I know I shouldn't said a bad word. I'm not lettin her on the bus go take that baby on the next one she's not getting on this bus. I will be the first one to admit it I shouldn't ve said the bad word. But that man I don't know if he was drinking had a bad night but he was the rudest driver I ever encountered with greyhound. I ride frequently with you. You can look me up, Danise Reid. If you could can you please have a word with this driver or make sure he is ok, never saw such rudeness dealing with greyhound. Thank you

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