I usually have good experiences with greyhound. But today was ridiculous. I had a trip from Claremont, CA to San Diego, CA schedule to leave at 3:40 and arrive at 7:45. It is now 8:05 and I'm still sitting in Santa Ana station will probably another 2 to 3 depending on traffic. I'm beyond frustrated and restless at this point. First the initial bus arrived 40 minutes late. Which in turn made me miss my connecting bus in LA by seconds. We pulled up to the station at 5:05 and the bus was right there and proceed to leave even after telling your employee that was my connecting bus. Second I waited patiently for the next bus at 6:15 who decide to wait for others to arrive. And didn't depart until 6:30. This is the frustrating part how come there's no consistency. Why does one leave asap and the other wait an extra 15-20 minutes. Now by the time I arrive to my destination I will miss the event I was planning to go. Which was the whole point of this trip. I want a refund or some type of reimbursement. Unless this is your standard. Because if it is then I would like to know so in the future I can use more reliable forms of transportation.

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