I am using Groupon/Nearbuy from last few weeks & was finding it interesting. Yesterday I purchased a deal for Cafe Cruise in Rajouri for some 8 domestic drinks & 2 starters. Me & my friend spent some 3-4 hours & ordered 1 platter & 1 hukka other than the deal from there. The food quality was worst & need to be inspected & tested thoroughly & I can say so, so surely because while coming back, we both started feeling dizziness. My friend's legs started trembling later & she even fainted in metro. This happened when I already deboarded the metro. Even I started feeling unwell on the way to my place & after reaching home fell asleep like I was unconscious.

Not sure if this is some intentional act by the people of Cafe Cruise, Rajouri Garden or in the extreme case Groupon/Nearbuy is also involved. But this need to be tackled very seriously. Food quality should be inspected even through FCI or any other agency. Drinks they are serving should be tested. Service agents' integrity should be checked. We were in the end safe but this may not be the case everybody going there.

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