The redemption code emailed to me was for TWO tickets to an event. I use the code on the actual event website and I am still being charged for one more ticket (I put in two tickets as instructed). I call customer service and spoke to a man who asked me if I actually followed the directions. What an insult! OF COURSE I DID. So he explains he will transfer me to the actual venue, as it is an issue with their website. He transfers me, TO ANOTHER GROUPON ASSOCIATE, one OVERSEAS no less.inFURIATING. I think that maybe this person can help me. NOPE! He failed to understand the basic English I was using and I became frustrated. I asked to be transferred to his manager several times, but he refused. HORRID customer service. I will not be using Groupon any longer. I will also recommend to people I know to NOT use them.

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