This was a horrible experience. They advertise their item as "Ships in 2 days" but it took 9 days to ship from NY (although the shipping label was created in 2 days) and it took 12 days to arrive in CO from the purchase date. They advertised the tablet as "unlocked for Verizon and all GSM carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile" and the tablet I received was locked to Verizon, not accepting a T-mobile SIM card. Contacting the customer service did not help expediting the shipping at all, since it could be too late when it would arrive.

If you try to call their support number they are actually trying to hid their contact number and they only give you a contact form and FAQ on their website, so I had to google their number and find it on some other website. On Groupon website (as opposed to Amazon) you cannot contact the seller, you cannot rate the seller, you don't even know who the seller is. I tried to post a review and they never published fact, they claim having sold over 60 of that item and they are not showing a single review about it. Not a single review. You wonder why? I am certain every single review has been horrible.

Finally, since the purchase date they have been flooding my mailbox with dozens of junk ad emails each day and following the "unsubscribe" link in them would still keep me on many other mailing categories. I just tried to unsubscribe from all through my account and I hope they will finally stop sending those emails because I will never ever purchase anything from Groupon.

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