I purchased a service from this company 30 days out because the home i moved to has already system set up. When I called them, they automatically charged me $250 and set up an appointment for installation 2 weeks out. July 16th came and no one showed up nor anyone called to give me an update. I called the company and asked what was going on – I was told something happened to the technician and someone will call me same day. July 16th came and gone and no one has called. July 17th at 9:12am – I called again to check on the status. I was told that someone will call me that day. July 17th came and gone and still have not gotten any call. July 18th @ 10:30am, I called again only to get the same message and was told that the next appointment is July 27th which is 10 day out – not acceptable at all.

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