I purchased the washer dryer combo and within 3 months it stopped working. Service repair took 3 weeks to arrive and 2 weeks to get the parts. 9 months later it broke down again. Cycle repeated. One week after the 1 year warranty expired, it broke down a 3rd time. I had to go through a complaint process that took months and the end result was they said no way they would provide me with a new unit or repair it, despite it being a lemon from the onset. There should be a class action lawsuit after reading all of these reviews. There is obviously a product being sold that the company knows is a problem and they keep ripping us off. I would NEVER buy a product from them again. The customer service is horrible, service is horrible, and product was a waste of $1000.00. I even hate giving them 1 star. They need to have negative stars on this site.

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