Dishonesty to Court. Lying to High Court Masters and Judges.

Lending a helping hand to those involved in cheating, dishonesty, ripping people off, causing them losses, SLAPP suits, etc..

In the case of Power Places Tours v Free Spirit, with Free Spirit being the self represented defendant – the counsel for the claimant Power Places Tours thought they could get away with threatening a Spiritual Master with loss and detriment if he did not tell black lies to help their client get away with blatent dishonest acts including defrauding customers and SLAPP suits.

-These black lies required him to lie to Pissed Consumer, so he refused.

-Free Spirit fought back in a justified manner and decided to teach dishonest lawyers a lesson. In this particular matter, the moral justifications that Free Spirit has give him the supreme privilege to tell the truth and to disclose bad behaviour in the legal profession.

His justifications and the nature of the case also give a strong justification for telling the truth on these sites.

Harcus Sinclair (and Edward Parkes) represent Power Places Tours and lied frequently to the High Court to deceive its Masters and Judges and encouraged their Client to tell lies in the witness statements.

Free Spirit was threatened with jail at Christmas if he did not retract his truthful disclosures on Pissed Consumer.

They now have the problem that they cannot shut Free Spirit up and thus a major scandal in the UK legal profession is immiment once word gets out what is being suppressed here.

The moral justifications at hand (just Google Emissary of Source Mission Statement) coupled with his words "with Gods Love and Wisdom" – enabled Free Spirit to turn the tables on dishonest and corrupt lawyers who cheat and lie (in Court) to help clients get away with immoral behaviour.

He decided to make a stand and instead continued tellling the truth to the point where Harcus Sinclair cannot make him be quiet because he has deadman switches.

Free Spirit is actually immune from suit, for reasons explained on his website and he claims to be here from 'another reality' warning of imminent disaster for humanity.

He states that those that try and harm him experience their own destruction because of a Higher Power that deals with all that is not pure. This is their karma.

Free Spirit sent many friendly reminders to Harcus Sinclair about karma and decided not to sort out their differences and instead continue to try and harm him.

Free Spirit is claiming 1million pounds in damages for damage done to his work.

The record also shows that Harcus Sinclair violated several rules of ethical conduct and have invoked karma:-

-Free Spirit was threatened with having websites made about him citing him of bad integrity (this was put in writing by David Hirst of 5RB)

-He was threatened with a criminal suit if he did not withdraw his complaints – an unlawful act when trying to settle a civil dispute.

-He was served defectively, late, and at times when it would be impossible to respond properly. Examples include waiting until Christmas Eve or a holiday.

-Edward Parkes lied in Court and omitted the fact that Free Spirit had a very big moral justification for his actions and instead claimed he had none.

-His other lies and service failings were so blatent that the judge was misled into impinging upon Free Spirits freedom of expression rights.

-They routinely threatened him with further loss if he did not take down postings he did not make.

-Harcus Sinclair instructed 5RB (David Hirst) to lie to the Court as well.

-In addition, their Client has a documented history of association with fraudsters, stalkers (one of which stalked Free Spirit for 2 years and labelled his partner sick and twisted in public) and with the Claimants blessing.

-Their Client also is at risk of insolvency for cheating customers out of huge sums of money over many years and has now been billed GBP 1 Million in damages to Free Spirit's work (just Google Power Places Tours Million) and Free Spirit explains himself in detail.

The moral of the story is that if you are in truth, stand up for yourself.

Solicitors can and do lie, and with impunity and the way to stop it is to expose it.

I do not advocate lying or defaming lawyers, but if they have done wrong, it is morally right to expose it, regardless of the threats made by them – as long as the truth is the truth.

Truth defeats falsehood, and those who thought they could gain by threatening Free Spirit to conceal evidence of wrongdoing and harm, have found their plans have backfired badly as Free Spirit stands to become famous in this matter.

Harcus Sinclair stand to have 'egg on their face' as a result of this matter and are named and shamed for dishonesty, deception and conspiring to damage the work of a Spiritual Master grounded in higher ethics, truth and morality.

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