My husband and I bought two 2014 SG. Love the ride. We both had moisture in radio issues. Central Maine Harley got repaired and both radios still have moisture in them. They are kept in heated garage. Now HD (which we had to contact ourselves) are refusing to refix without a cost to us. We also both had some kind of fluid running down inside the tach/speedo gauge – again was fixed after complaint to HD which I had to call. Now my husband has gone 250 miles and the fluid is leaking again. They will not do good for this. I am so disappointed. We have owned many bikes including HD and have never had these issues with good customer service. I have been in touch with the BBB and they are helping me get a complaint on file. Not sure if I will buy another HD if the customer service is going to be like this. Anyone else have these issues with this make/year HD?

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