Long story short: I purchased a R/T flight from Maui to San Jose but had to cancel the trip. The wording from HA is that I get full credit but when the times come to re-use the ticket there will be a $200 "re-booking" fee. It's the highest fee in the business and we're not dumb. Just say there is $200 cancellation fee. Cost of the ticket at the time was $408. Now it is time to re-book.

HA website fare today is $398 for my flight of choice. I cannot re-use this credit on-line so I am forced to call in my reservation. HA wanted to charge me $200 for the cancellation $30 for booking over the phone $10 – the fare difference! Through persistence, 4 operators and 55 minutes later I managed to get a "one-time courtesy" waiver of the $10 and the $30. For me it is not the money, it is the principle and this is criminal. HA touts themselves as the airline of "Aloha" which is maybe the greatest insult of all. At Honolulu airport the agents are the worst in terms of helping customers change flights, change seats etc. They are towing the company line which is charge for everything you possibly can and they do. No help, no Aloha. But they sure can smile while they do it.

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