I called from Canada to book a car in Cancun to the trusted name Hertz because I had heard of the rip off stories from others. I was quoted 71.00 American for the Eco compact car and this is what I agreed to book. When I arrived, I was given the same rate of $71.00 and was asked if I wanted the insurance plan that was 80.00 American. This total is $151.00, my final bill was 495.00 American. What happen? The clerk spoke English enough to say "you agreed, look your sign here" he said and said "it's legal, you sign for it." I was shocked but in transit to catch a plane home. The clerk said "My boss back one hour. You wait." Well, I could not. I was not able to resolve the overcharge.

Issue 2, the car I was given had clutch and motor problems and started to break down on day 2. I did get it back to them and they did replace it with a safe car. My concern is that the manager lady was a, rude, and sarcastic to me. Telling me "It's a older car. What do you expect." She said word for word, no lie. Hertz does not maintain cars, we just rent them. My thought is I'm glad I did not break down or crash because of a non maintain car. Hertz, if you ever read this, I suggested you train your staff. Better be honest upfront with your prices and find a way to maintain cars, not just oil changes but mechanically as well. We, the consumer, need to feel safe behind the wheel of all your cars. Not happy with the broken trust I had when I called to book.

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