I picked up a car at your 3230 Peachtree Road location in Atlanta around 5 PM yesterday.

I drove it home last night and discovered this morning that the tag expired. It expired in June of this year. When I called the location they asked me to drive it back for a replacment. I told them that I am not drive on expired tags, especially six months out of date. They could come on Monday to retrieve the vehicle.

I spoke to several Hertz reperesentive for the lion share of my Saturday. They too advised me to bring the car back for a replacement. This practice of advising your customers to break the law is offensive. I contacted my insurance company, State Farm and they agreed that I shouldn't drive on an expired plates even if Hertz would pay the ticket. AAA came and towed it way. At first they didn't want to because it's against there policy. Now I have to go to the airport to pickup a replacement. More of my weekend. I would appreciate someone in authority calling me at


Daniel Metzger

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