I was double charged for services as well as fees were not disclosed. The AAA discount makes it look like a good deal to use Hertz, but my bill was more than double. I called and inquired about a $30.00 charge doubled and they took it off, but told me they were doing me a favor. It was evident the service rep wanted me off the phone quickly, but I had him email the detailed receipt and that is when he started dodging my questions. I had reserved 3 days for 51.00 per day and prepaid for a 5% discount that was non refundable. They add on 17.78 concession fee 4.55 tourism fee, Delivery charge 30.00 (I picked it up so this is the big?) 30.00 curbside return which I did agree to. 22.50 facility charge – could not explain. 14.22 tax and 1.17 refuel tax.

We all get tourism and municipality taxes, but there is funny business at Hertz so buyer beware. I will use Uber next time and go to a non airport location. If they would have said "sorry our mistake on the $30.00" that would have been fine, it happens, but there is obvious trickery and the rep was caught without explanation.

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