Just wanted to warn you about Hertz's Toll policy, which they do not explain to you. If you use a Toll road, even if only once, you are charged a $4.95 daily administrative fee for your ENTIRE rental period. So my $2 toll from making a wrong turn, ended up costing me $27. This was a charge that showed up on my credit card 3 weeks after the fact. When I called Hertz, the "senior" customer service rep said it's not up to them to explain the policy and that I should have asked about it. I told her that I live in a state that doesn't have toll roads so the thought of asking about it never occurred to me. I was then told that I should have read their 5 page contract more thoroughly. When I asked to be switched to a supervisor and I was then told their phones didn't allow them to transfer calls. Worst customer service.

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