My wife and I landed in Atlanta, GA. With a Hertz reservation to pick-up a car. After a long line wait and final use of a kiosk experience for pickup, which all took about half an hour, we still had to go to a counter agent to complete the rental. We became victims of a Hertz Bait and Switch on a GPS in car devise. I said NO to the GPS at the Kiosk, and found that the car we received had a GPS. We NEVER used the devise. At time of return we were charged for the GPS which we did not agree to contract for. We called Hertz and complained for a refund. They acknowledge and granted only half a refund amount for the GPS cost. Where is my other half for your Bait and Switch scam Hertz? The service representative was beyond arrogant to say the least. Bad hertz experience. Crooks. Flim-flam agents.

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