On July 10,2015 I rented I vehicle through Hertz rental car in Madrid, Spain. On July 19,2015, I returned the vehicle to Hertz Barcelona, Spain. The vehicle was inspected and the clerk noted No damages on my receipt. Absolutely no accidents or anything happened to that car during our rental. I flew home from Spain and arrived home to discover my Chase account was billed on July 24,2015 for $383.16, from Hertz rental car… Which was for the rental and valid charges. On August 26,2015, I found a charge from Hertz Espana to my Chase Visa account for $2,383.08, which I did not authorize. Not knowing what the charges were for I disputed the charges through Chase. I also contacted Hertz rental car, to which they were not able to tell me what the charges were for. They stated I needed to email Hertz Espana since the rental was out of the country.

Since Chase stated they would contact Hertz and request information, I left the investigation to them. On Friday, October 23,2015, I received a letter from Chase informing me the charges from Hertz were valid and provided a copy of receipt from Hertz in Spanish. The bill stated the fees for $2,383.08 were for damage repairs, but did not indicate what the damage was. Chase stated if I wished to continue disputing the charges to fill out the enclosed form and provide proof, which I did not have since I accidentally threw away the receipt. On Thursday, October 29,2015, I woke up to discover my Chase card had been re-billed for $2,383.08. I contacted Chase and was informed I needed to provide proof the vehicle was not damaged, which I do not have. I was not able to locate the receipt given to me by the clerk; I cleaned out my luggage and probably threw it away.

I called Hertz Rental Company again, and was told the same thing, I needed to email them regarding international rentals. I am currently working with Chase to file a claim through their benefits coverage and will be contacting Hertz until this matter is resolved… I do not recommend Hertz and will never rent a vehicle through them again.

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