I bought a HP Pavillon dv6t back in April 2012 for ~$1200.

Since one week, the laptop freeze when windows start.

I call the support today, after multiple transfer and providing me a case number, the technician told me my laptop is obsolete and they cannot do anything, even send it to repair.

he generously propose me to buy a new one.
I told him is not acceptable and he check with his "supervisor".
He transfer me to a sale representative and told me they can offer me a good price to buy a new one.

The sale guy try to sell me a Envy 17 for a very good price of ~$950. I was on the HP website while on the call and they offer the same discount to everyone. I told hime he was kidding me and cannot do anything more.

I WILL NEVER BUY A HP PRODUCT ANYMORE, they are not reliable, incompetent support and DON'T CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMER.

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