I have been trying to buy some printer cartridges from the HP store, my order was declined not by my credit card company, but by HP for 'security reasons.' So I called HP to confirm the order (as the e-mail notifying me that the order had been declined suggested), was told it would be referred to their 'security department' for review, and that they would call me back. At this stage, I was totally annoyed because I was actually trying to part with some cash to BUY HP's product. I am unreachable by telephone, so the representative asked me if I wanted to cancel my order. Now, wait a second. I placed the order. My credit card charge was approved. And I am the one calling to confirm the order. So what more is there to discuss? No, I don't want to cancel the order. But the sales agent continued to suggest that it was me, not HP, who wanted to cancel the order. These guys are idiots. I'll go to Staples next time. Terrible customer service. No sense that there is actually MONEY to be made, from customers who wish to part with it. Strange that they can continue to operate as a viable company with this attitude.

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