My experience with HP has been really not good. The HP smart friend has charged me 199$ for their support for 1year. But they couldn't solve the issue I'm having with wi-fi connectivity. The steps they have performed for the resolution were simple trouble shooting through remote connection. Since the issue wasn't resolved I asked for the refund of my money, but they have denied to refund the money saying that "Resolution is not guaranteed" (which I wasn't told earlier while charging me the money). All I want to say is if you can't resolve the issue your customers are facing they do have the right to get their money back, If someone from HP is reading this feedback (hope so) please be informed I'm still facing the issue with my wifi connectivity and I have paid HP 199$ which got vain. My case manager for the refund simply, without any concern for my money said "Refund is not possible" and her reason was "We have performed trouble shooting and installed some antivirus softwares to clean your PC". Dear Case Manager let me tell you my PC was virus free and I didn't ask for those tasks, it is your team member from HP smart friend insisted on it. All I wanted was that my wifi issue to be fixed and after all the steps you have performed which are:
1) Install the wireless driver software available on Intel website
2) Trouble shooting the network problems (which basically was resetting the network adapater)
3) Uninstall the wireless device through device manager and restart the system
4) Install some anti virus soft ware (which completely was unnecessary since I was using windows defender and status was clean)

We can found all these steps if we search for "wifi connectivity problems" over the net. So the HP smart friend doesn't really have the in depth knowledge of the problem and are just trying to resolve the problem for that moment. Even though I said that I have performed these steps, they still performed and said for now the issue is solved and call back if I face the issue again. Even though I call back it is the same story again. So I decided not to call them and wait for 70 mins on call, instead I'm trying to solve the issue. The problem I found out was with the AC7260 which is having the issues with windows 10 and even if we revert back to windows 8 the issue stays on. I might have to get a new network card since you don't provide any hardware support for 199$ (really that was great and I wasn't informed about this at the beginning). Seriously guys is this the kind of service you provide to your customers???

First of all I made a mistake by opting to upgrade for windows 10 which really is having issues with wireless driver AC7260. My second mistake was to opt for HP smart friend service (I seriously thought they would resolve my problem). I'm so disappointed with your service and I don't see any scope of improvement. I will make sure no one I know opts for HP ENVY x360, even if they do they will not opt for HP smart friend service (THAT I GUARANTEE) if they are facing any issues, because they can try to resolve the problem with solutions available online. Anyways Thank you for your "so called" support.

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