This is my story whit Hewlett-Packard.

I live in Thailand and i needed an ink cartage for my printer.

Because of all the counterfeit and non original product sold in Thailand i choose to buy it directly from

Well i search there webpage and fond the inc cartage i needed and it was clearly marked

«IN STOCK» this was on a Friday morning at 09.30 that i placed my order and received an invoice at 09.55 the same day. So the next few days i was waiting for it and when i haven't heard any thing by Wednesday i called the service center to find out when i could expect to receive the product.

First the girl i spoke with (probably) said more then she should. She said it was a delay on it because of the different of the country! And that nothing had been done with my order yet but i could expect i delivered by next week. When i asked what difference of country explaining her that i lived in Thailand and the «IN STOCK» on the website is located in Bangkok Thailand. She released that she had given me info she shouldn't, then i wanted to speak with her supervisor and she obviously got more nerves. I got to speak with the supervisor who could hardly speak any english and i wanted to know if there website where lying about the «IN STOCK» and i asked her several times i she could confirm if they had this product in stock? The women refused to answer my question just telling me that delivers will take 5-7 working days and that they just started my cace on Monday. Then i asked if Friday where they gladly took my money and send me an invoice was counting as a working day she couldn't give me an answer but now telling me that i would receive my product on the Tuesday so 9 days after i ordered. I did ask her if i had the opportunity to cancel this order and she said that i could go online and do it on there web site but since i paid with my visa card it would take 45 working days to get my money back.

So i told her to proceed with the order and that i was going to complain about it. And i asked her if her company was recording this conversation for the purpose of there service She just starting to laugh at me so i hanged up��.

Now i started to serge the web where i came on to your site and wish i did se this page before buying any thing for HP.

I also found http://support. and the letter from Gilbert Rossi

Global Head of HP Customer Support that says:

Dear HP Customer

Here at HP Customer Support we put our customers first and want to ensure you have the highest quality support order for us to continuously improve, I encourage you to share your experience with us. We want to know if you haven;t found the solution you need, or if there was something positive about the engineer you worked with or the experience you had. I personally pledge that I or a member of my team will reach out to ensure you have a positive experience and continue to rely on HP for your technology needs.


Sincerely, Â

Gilbert Rossi

Global Head of HP Customer Support

So i wrote to them just to get a phone call for another thai lady at Customer Support. First i had to explain to her what happened before she said she would contact And then phone back to me.

First time she phone me she told me that had already canceled my order with out my approval. And when i asked if that was normal that they cancel a customer order before asking the customer, she couldn�t give me an answer but was offering me to reorder the product for me. I got very disappointed that did it because they didn�t like that i complained about there service. And I asked this women if she could confirm that they had the Ink cartage in Bangkok she had to contact the store to get an answer to that.

Second time she phones to me she just said that they could reorder it and i had to wait for 5-7 working days to receive it, now I am getting more angry with them and I asked for a compensation for this bad service. The lady said she had to ask her team about it and would phone me back again.

Third time she phones me back she comes with an offer that it would be sent to me with in 5 days, and i asked if that was the compensation she could give me? After a while she offered me 100 THB discount for the postage and that i paid for the product. Now this case is getting to be a very annoying and i said to her that i have waisted time and money by have to talk and write mails to HP so i said to her if she wanted to try to show anything good for HP side now that she could give me the cartage for free as an compensation for all of the mistake they had maid. Again she had to go to her team an se what she could do.

Fourth time she phones saying In the name of HP Online Store, we do deeply apologize for any inconvenience still offering me free postage. This time i had enough and just told her to keep the ink cartage and my money and I would go a head and complain all the way to the top of HP for the service of HP Customer Support and HP store Thailand had given me. Then she said she had to contact her team again to se what she cloud do. I did tell her that i had enough of everything now and if she could not make a decision her and now she did not have to phone me anymore.

Then with in second she told me they would send me the cartridge and return my money then

deeply apologize for any inconvenience.

Well it shows how Hewlett-Packard is willing to push there customer for mistake made by there staff is and that the letter from Gilbert Rossi is just something written in black and white with no meaning.

I will now use the ink and when it is empty i will smash my HP printer and ill never ever buy or use any product made by Hewlett-Packard.

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