We bought our HP office jet pro 8610 a little over a year ago and have found it very useful for our homeschooling needs, until today. The printer decided that after a few months of using the existing HP 950xl and HP 951 cartridges that it will no longer recognize them, and I get a message displayed showing the ink cartridges are damaged, and that I should remove and replace them and try again. After going through all the recommendations on the HP website for trouble shooting the original error message, which was for black, the black now shows ok and all the colors are now damaged. Very frustrated at this point, nothing is working, and my efforts have only made the problems worse. The ink cartridges are over half full and I am not able to use them.

Again we homeschool so having a RELIABLE, WORKING printer is a must and that is why after researching we decided to go with the HP office jet pro 8610. It seemed to have great reviews and would be suitable for our needs. Now after experiencing this problem, I am very disappointed and dissatisfied. We live about an hour from town. So to jump in the car and head to town for that is not an option especially with the cost of the replacement cartridges being $150 for the combo pack, which we just replaced recently, and they are still at least half full!!! As I mentioned, this is our only printer we have and it is used every day for home schooling our kids. We must get it operating immediately. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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