We've had an HP printer forever, good work horse. When it died, bought another @ BB (1st mistake). Lasted 4 months and wouldn't print. Spent 40 (otherwise billable) hours trying to fix. Now, $188 printer costing $4,000.00. Turns out 6830's ALL have same problem (there is a problem with the print head… Is the incessant message). Then, HP sends a RECONDITIONED printer as a replacement??? And of course, it didn't work. Right out of the box, which was mangled upon receipt.

Tech guy runs me through some convoluted unplug, hold your left toe, wait 3 minutes, wipe this, plug in, unplug and on and on mumbo jumbo. While we were waiting the 3 minutes, I asked him: If you bought a brand new car, and after you had paid for it, the seller said: "Before it will work correctly, you'll have to take it to the garage for some work", would you later buy the same brand of car? HP, are you even listening? Do you give a damn? Obviously not. I should have thrown that first printer under the bus at the first sign of trouble and bought a Canon. I will NEVER buy another HP product of any kind.

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