I rarely ever use a inhaler unless I'm sick but one day this past summer I wasn't breathing well to the point where I decided I will use my inhaler. After taking the Proair I had no relief at all and it made me extremely jittery and my heart race. That usually happens for me with albuterol but it was worse than usual, and on top of the fact that my breathing wasn't improving I started to get nervous which made the breathing worse. I thought I was maybe crazy for thinking the inhaler didn't work for me but the other day I went to my doctor and even she said Proair is not good.

After finding this website, I'm very relieved to know I'm not the only one who has experienced this but at the same time very upset because there are people who have worse asthma than me and get attacks and if I were in a situation like that and this inhaler didn't work I would panic. I hope they stop giving these out or somehow improve them. It's extremely dangerous.

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