This inhaler is garbage. It's 3 AM and I have taken about 6 puffs because it provides no relief. The one prior to this got stuck after about 10 uses and I rinsed it out – still didn't work, I couldn't get another one because the insurance only covers 1 per month I believe. This is a health concern for me, the pharmacist rinsed it out in hot water for like 5 min and still didn't get it to work. I've never had issues until this new one came out. I have to use this in the middle of the night but after the usage it doesn't clear my airways at all, I wind up getting up to use my nebulizer machine and I feel I shouldn't! This is a very expensive product for it to not work, not to mention that it's an emergency product that should be used to prevent an asthma death. It's garbage and something should be done. Either lower the price and allow for us to get multiple ones or bring the old one back.

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