Approx. A year and a half ago I purchased an LG dishwasher from hhgregg. We bought a 5 year extended warranty. The machine stopped working so we called to get someone to schedule a repair. The first company that called days later to schedule an appointment wanted my credit card information. I told them, "No, I have a warranty and will not provide that." They told me, "Sorry, " but they can't help me. "Call hhgregg again." I did.

They gave me a second company who came out and then changed my pump. Well when they were finished we started the machine and once again it would not drain. They said, "Oh, it's the control panel. We have to order the part and wait until it gets in again just like the pump and then come out." A day later they called and said, "Sorry but we are not certified to work on LG's so some other company will call you." Well guess who calls me again but the first company that wanted my credit card. We went through that discussion again and I had to call hhgregg again.

I asked for a manager and although she was very polite she advised me that they would have to provide their own CC to that company. They would then call me, come out to see what is the problem, and then order the part and come and install it. IT HAS BEEN 5 WEEKS NOW AND MY ISSUE IS YET TO BE RESOLVED!!! Shame on you hhgregg for making your customers go through this!!! I will never buy another thing from you!!!

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