I purchased a home on May 15th 2015. Within the first week of my move in, my water heater went out. I contacted HMS trying to get assigned a claim and an in-network contractor. After almost 3 weeks I still was not assigned a contractor to complete the replacement of the water heater. After 3 weeks of cold showers, I finally hired someone myself with the belief that MAYBE I'd be reimbursed for at least a portion of the $1500 I paid for a water heater and the installation. (I chose a contractor listed on Angie's List, if this matters at all).

After 7 months of lost claims, resubmitting, letters of explanation, etc. I finally received a letter asking me to rate HMS and the handling of my claim. REALLY? Keep in mind that I still haven't received an answer as to whether or not the claim would be paid or denied. I finally was told the claim was denied for not having waited for HMS to assign a contractor. Horrible customer service. Horrible home warranty company. Save your money and go with anyone else other than HMS.

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