The Holiday Inn 2360 Camden Rd. Pine Bluff Arkansas. The manager told me if I cancelled an appt. For the conference room, I could not schedule there any more and I would still be charged the price of the room. I am starting to start up a business and right now I am unsure if I will have any clients. When I called the evening before my scheduled time, I tried to pay with my credit card. The nice lady at night told me I could just cancel, as long as it was 24 hrs in advance. It would not be a charge. This is not what the manager told me. At that time, I tried to cancel two days ahead. I then cancelled all my reservations but, one. I hope to find another place so, I won't have to use the Holiday Inn Express in Pine Bluff ARKANSAS. I had planned to use the hotel one to two times a month. Melanie Elbert.

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